Google Tests New Polling Place, Ballot, Election Returns Search in NC

North Carolina’s swing state status continues to land it in the headlines, and now, in the middle of a new Google product rollout.

National poll aggregators, including Nate Silver’s FiveThirtyEight Tipping Point Index, note that the state may well play the decisive role in determining the outcome of the presidential race and the balance of power in the Senate. Only Florida and Pennsylvania are more likely to determine the outcome of the presidential contest.
With election day tomorrow and still uncertain outcomes up and down the ballot, Google has launched a new search function that connects North Carolinians with electoral information.
Google Voting Tool Screenshot

Google’s new search tool aims to help voters find polling places, ballot details, candidate information, and returns.
“We’re providing more information about candidates and results of state and local election contests directly in Google Search,” says Jacob Schonberg, Product Manager, Google Search.
The product, he says, makes this information, along with polling location, hours, and requirements available faster than existing Google search tools. Schonberg says the newly deployed feature will also report live election results from the North Carolina State Board of Elections directly in users’ search results on election night.
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