RocketBolt joins 500 Startups Family in Batch 19

*This one was a little weird. I worked with RocketBolt at TSF, and after the fund shut down, I found myself interviewing a couple of my favorite entrepreneurs from arm’s length. And they were maybe even more admiration-worthy.

RocketBolt’s CEO and cofounder Aaron Dinin and his team just might have known the good news was coming- they’re in the business of lead tracking after all.

Dinin, his cofounder Matt Hofstadt, and director of business development Andy Rothjoin the B2B track in the 44-company 500 Startups Batch 19 hosted in Mountain View, CA, as 500 Startups announced on their blog on Saturday.
The bi-coastal email and lead-tracking SaaS company helps thousands of users know who is opening messages where and when while aggregating what those potential leads are doing on a company’s website, social media channels, and elsewhere.
As part of its acceptance, RocketBolt picks up $150,000 in investment from the seed program, which Dinin says is part of a yet-to-be-announced round that includes prominent Triangle investors. Previous investors include The Startup Factory, a local seed fund, who also invested in fellow 500 portfolio company CareLuLu before they joined the program. (We looked at the full TSF portfolio earlier this year.)
The team has been in California since mid October, focusing on sales strategy and execution with their batch mates.
Lupin Campos, an entrepreneur in residence at 500 and a self-described “moderator” for the B2B track of Batch 19 says the 500 team is “very happy to have them there, and that they add a lot of value” to the collaborative problem solving among the global cohort.