Going Visible as a Woman in VC

Why women in entrepreneurship should get out of stealth mode

There are roles and even entire industries where being invisible is a plus, or even a requirement. Think day-of event coordinating, wedding photography and onsite fixing for films, and the like. When I’ve done these things in the past, I’ve been pretty decent at stealth-mode, relishing work behind the scenes. But venture capital is a different beast.

I’ll unpack that statement a little.

Outing myself as someone who’s actively looking for interesting startups allows me to talk with people with big ideas. That’s brain food and potential deal flow. There’s no hiding once you utter the words “we invest” anywhere there are entrepreneurs and beer—read any networking event, ever. With “The Startup Factory” scrawled on my name tag, I’m the face of that potential resource. What do you think?

Here’s the rub. Being that face means who you are is right out there next to what you do.

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