I am a growth maven with a background in venture capital, learning technology, and product companies. I focus companies on the key activities that help them succeed, rather than just stay busy.

If higher ed, early stage investing, multimedia journalism, and product roles have taught me anything, it’s that collaring uncertainty is the first step to higher performance.

Growth and product at a fintech company, an editing gig at ExitEventa stint at an early stage accelerator fund called The Startup Factory, and running a programs for entrepreneurial undergrads at UNC Chapel Hill all reinforced that fact.

And now I’m running my own shop, sharing the strategies I know with clients through workshops and individual engagements, whether in economic development, media, software, or financial technology.

In case you were wondering, I was trained as a journalist at UNC Chapel Hill, where I was lucky enough to be a Morehead-Cain Scholar.

My life is all this wonderful stuff and some very good non-tech additions. I invest a substantial amount of my non-day-job-energy in (re)building bikes the ReCYCLEry and instigating dance parties with Waltz Night and moonlighting in non-profit news.

You can book me for speaking engagements, get in touch about upcoming workshops other rabble-rousing at elizabeth dot hazeltine AT gmail.com.