I’m a fully-recovered VC who now invests her time with growing tech-enabled businesses and the communities that support them. My shop, EHazeltine, lets me tailor strategies that put the best of customer-centric marketing, analytics, and product management to work for my clients.

I bring clarity to business goals, strategy, and funnels with tools from my journalism training, investing experience, and product management background. I design systems that set teams up for sustained growth while coaching them toward incremental wins. I do this through one-on-one engagements and workshops for groups of just-forming companies.

I see wealth and job creation as part of helping people achieve their potential. In the past, I’ve launched fin-tech products for SMB’s and MOOC’s for aspiring entrepreneurs across the globe. My work tripled subscription revenue and kicked off small donor fundraising for a non-profit news org. In my early-stage investment days, I helped portfolio companies raise more than $7m, among other adventures that you can read about on my LinkedIn profile.

In case you were wondering, that journalism training came from UNC Chapel Hill, where I was lucky enough to be a Morehead-Cain Scholar.

My life is all this wonderful stuff and some very good non-tech additions. I invest some of my non-day-job-energy in (re)building bikes the ReCYCLEry and instigating dance parties with Waltz Night. I tweet (@LizzyHazeltine) about all of the above pretty regularly, too.

You can get in touch about working together and other rabble-rousing at lizzy AT ehazeltine DOT com.